Fabryka Broni

RADOM-SPORT Semiautomatic Rifle

The .223 Rem Radom-Sport center-fire semiautomatic-only rifle for single fire. Popular with the civilian shooters, the Radom-Sport is reputed as exceptionally accurate and precision-made weapon, capable of shooting at extended distances.

To enhance the ease of operation, extended magazine latch lever and extended safety lever with enlarged finger rest were fitted. MIL-STD-1913 rail enables various optoelectronic sights to be fitted.

The Radom-Sport can be ordered with a steel folding stock, wooden rigid stock or plastic telescopic stock.

An assault rifle look-alike version is available as an option. Two versions of assault rifle can be offered:
- with Picatinny rail integrated with a sight bed and a reflex sight,
- with a sight bed where a reflex sight and Picatinny rail can be mounted o­n.


• Caliber: .223 Rem
• Muzzle velocity: V0 = 920 m/s
• Muzzle energy: E0 = 1690 J 
• Firing mode: single
• Type of action: gas-operated weapon
• Number of grooves: 6
• Rifling pitch: 228 mm 
• Magazine capacity: 10, 20 and 30 rounds

• Length with telescopic stock extended: 980 mm 
• Length with telescopic stock retracted: 910 mm 
• Barrel length: 457 mm

• Weapon, empty: 3650 g 
• Magazine (30 rds) empty: 185 g 
• Magazine (30 rds) loaded: 554 g